A podcast and community for indie game makers and aspiring game makers.

Coming Soon ... late is better then never right?
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Welcome to the community!

The Indie Game Scene is an aspiring community of game makers, for game makers.

This is an all inclusive community.
Anyone who has independently made a game or is currently working on one (even if it's still just an idea) is welcome to join us. Age, gender, orientation, identification, race, species and belief systems make no difference here. If you're an indie game maker we want to hear from you!

Expect to see lots of updates over the coming weeks as we ramp up to roll out!

About the podcast.

We are working hard to bring you a weekly "interview style" podcast, that we hope is fun, helpful and insightful for aspiring game makers (designers / developers / artists / etc... ) once this goes live we will update this content!

What are the trending tools and techniques, the pitfalls and the epic wins. Tune in to find out!

Are you an indie game maker? Connect with us and see how you can use our podcast and audience for shameless self promotion.

We want to hear from you!
Did we mention its FREE?